Save Your Money with Direct Cremation in Bay Area


Most families with brokenhearted do not have time to pay out for searching for the best burial or cremation services. Many believe they have only choices are to either seize a traditional funeral with burial or go with similar service and cremation. They have no suggestion what direct cremation services in Bay Area are or how they can assist you to save money. So through this blog, I will give you information related to direct cremation and the ways you can cut costs with it.

A direct cremation is when the family members of the deceased deal with a mortuary of their preference to take away the body from the location where death has happened directly to the crematorium facility. Under this option, there is no customary funeral service in which the body is vision by the relatives and friends of the dead person, although a memorial service of some type is generally held after some time. 

What expenses are you missing with when you decide direction cremation? Let see!

There are various ways in which you save money when you select direct cremation in Bay Area for your loving one.

  1. Cosmetic arrangements
  2. Church or funeral home fees
  3. Grave closing expenditure
  4. Vault liner costs
  5. Embalming
  6. Staff and facility charges
  7. Viewing fees
  8. Grave opening cost
  9. Burial plot
  10. Gravestone
  11. Price of the casket

However when you select traditional burial, you will pay a lot of costs and as a result, it will quickly add up and break your bank account. Most of the people believe that they must give their best while saying goodbye to a loving one. So, when you select direct cremation in Bay Area and you will still able to have a divine memorial service. You may have an assembly of family and friends who will come together to memorize the deceased and share positive reminiscences.